Team Building 2023!

Sep 22, 2023

On Wednesday, September 20th, 2023, Megachem (UK) Ltd embarked on a day of unforgettable team building, courtesy of ACF Events.

🍫 In the morning, we indulged our inner chocolatiers at ‘The Chocolate Apprentice’ event, where teams crafted their very own brand of chocolate. Professional chocolatiers led the way, and we competed to be the boss of chocolate!

The afternoon took us outdoors with a multi-activity tournament:

🪓 Axe Throwing: Bullseyes and bragging rights were on the line!

🌿 Bushcraft: Teams honed their survival skills and competed to be the most capable wilderness experts.

👢 Welly Wanging: Boot flinging fun that had everyone in stitches.

From crafting delicious chocolate to mastering the art of axe throwing, it was a lovely day of fun and bonding. A huge thanks to ACF Events for making our day unforgettable! 🎉