Glucosylated Stevia, Sweetener and Natural Flavour

Mar 8, 2022

MegaChem would like to take the opportunity to share some more information on Glucosylated Stevia.

Glucosylated Stevia is used both as a sweetener and natural flavour in Food and Beverages, bringing with it a number of advantages. These include:

• Excellent sweetness quality/profile with it no longer having the bitter aftertaste associated with 1st generation Stevia.

• Outstanding Solubility

• Cost effectiveness

• Thermal and PH stability

• Clean label solution – can be labelled as natural sweetener / flavour

MegaChem offers both general Steviol Glycoside’s and High Reb-A Steviol Glycoside’s with further information on Glucosylated Stevia available below

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Glucosylated Stevia