Organ-Modified Silicone Defoamer, Silair™ C 205

Jan 28, 2022

MegaChem are pleased to announce SILAIR™ C205, a product from our established partner Siliconi Commerciale.

Silair™ C205 is an organ modified silicone in emulsion with high defoaming performance and excellent compatibility, it does not create surface defects in the applied film. Perfect for water-based paints for the wood and / or leather and top-coat sectors.


High compatibility into charged systems (Paints) and in pigmented systems (Enamels).
High Defoaming power and good Deaerating properties.
Defoaming & Deaerating properties similar to main competitor’s products of similar nature used in applications above mentioned.
Suitable for systems applied by roll, brush, spray.
The use in air-mix spray systems has to be evaluated case by case by the customer.
High compatibility with many systems.
Suitable in any phase of the manufacturing process.

Siliconi Commerciale Spa is leader in production of antifoaming agents, hydrophobic agents and additives made in Italy.

If you are interested in their SILAIR™ range or any other antifoaming agents, hydrophobic agents or additives, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at MegaChem.

+44 (0) 1291 422747

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