Barite & Powder Coatings

Feb 24, 2022

MegaChem are pleased to highlight how Barite can be used within Powder Coatings from our supplier, Mineralia®.

Top-quality Natural Barite:

If you’re looking to combine high production efficiency with optimal coating behaviour, Natural Barite is going to be your best alternative. High density, good refractive index and excellent inertness makes this mineral one of the best alternatives for the formulation of Powder Coatings.

Ever-more refined technology means powder coating producers can now offer a huge range of products, suitable for a growing number of applications. VOC zero emission, minimum loss of material and excellent durability are prime considerations when choosing powder coatings as one of the most efficient painting systems currently in existence.

Mineralia®’s portfolio includes a wide range of alternatives:

Whatever your needs, Mineralia® will have a product that suits you. From the ultra-fine micronized BLANC ROC ULTRAMICRO or BLANC ROC EXTRA to the de-dusted double-processed BARIZERO 8914, they offer several options to help powder coatings producers control and optimize not only the dispersion and the extrusion process, but also the chemical resistance, levelling, gloss, and general appearance of the finished product.

In addition, their BARISTAR and BARIFLOR ranges offer over twenty different alternatives to choose from.

MegaChem (UK) Ltd have a range of Mineralia® products available from our UK warehouse. Grades not stocked are available on an Extended lead-time.

Should you have a specific need or requirement for the products from Mineralia®, or would like to know more about our full range of industrial chemicals, please get in touch with the team here at MegaChem.

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