Solmix IC from LBG Sicilia Ingredients

Jun 7, 2023

MegaChem (UK) are delighted to be working with LBG Sicilia Ingredients to offer a new, innovative and complete ice cream stabiliser range for modern industry requirements.

Solmix IC is derived from carob fruit and can offer the following benefits in ice cream applications:

✔️ More creaminess
✔️ Improves melting profile
✔️ Superior heat-shock resistance
✔️ Full-bodied mouthfeel
✔️ Contributes to preventing crystal formation
✔️ Natural light-creamy colour, which works with several flavours
✔️ Low fat
✔️ Low carbs
✔️ Planet friendly, because it’s 100% a carob’s by-product
✔️ GMO-free
✔️ Vegan certified
✔️ Kosher certified
✔️ Halal certified
✔️ 100% traceable
✔️ Made in Italy

Solmix IC passes the test time and time again, so why not get in touch with us today for further information?


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