Brilliant Concrete Surfaces. Enhanced. For You.

Apr 19, 2022

vanBaerle - Better. For you.

MegaChem are pleased to highlight one of our newest partners, vanBaerle. They are a leading developer, producer and distributor of quality silicates who focus on quality and sustainability to provide their customers with safe, eco-friendly and high-quality products.

Given that beautiful and long-lasting protection concrete surfaces are becoming ever more important in architecture, they are no longer only used in an industrial context, but also in residential buildings. As concrete is used more and more, the demands for longevity and visually appealing looks is rising.

Floors enhanced with INOCOT coating offer many advantages compared to untreated concrete floors. INOCOT gives concrete floors a beautiful, modern and shiny look while also protecting them lastingly. The application is just as easy as keeping the floor clean after treatment. INOCOT is sustainable and very cost efficient.

The application of lithium silicates is much easier and quicker than with standard silicates. Due to their slower reaction and lower viscosity, they penetrate much easier and do not need to be scrubbed into the surface to encourage the reaction.

They are characterized by the following beneficial characteristics:

  • Lower viscosity and alkalinity
  • Smart and prolonged reactivity
  • More efficient
  • No expansion of the concrete due to the lithium reaction
  • Deeper and more complete concrete penetration
  • Most efficient on new floors:

With the INOCOT range of silicates for concrete treatment, vanBaerle caters for every need. If you are interested in the INOCOT range, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at MegaChem.

+44 (0) 1291 422747

Brilliant Concrete Surfaces. Enhanced. For You.