Performance Coatings & Polymers

Industries within this sector include Industrial and Decorative Coatings, Powder-coating, Road-marking paints, Auto-refinish products, Inks, Adhesives, Sealants and Construction materials.

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Performance Coatings & Polymers

Industries within this sector include Industrial and Decorative Coatings, Powder-coating, Road-marking paints, Auto-refinish products, Inks, Adhesives, Sealants and Construction materials.

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Bio-based Polymer Additives

At MegaChem (UK), we’re leading the way in sustainable solutions for the polymer industry. Our Bio-based Polymer Additives are revolutionizing the market by providing high-performance alternatives to traditional polymer additives. Discover the endless possibilities and benefits of our bio-based additives.

Anti-Static Additives

Einar® anti-static additives for PE, PP, and PVC match or surpass the performance of ethoxylated amines and amides.

Einar® anti-static additives are 100% based on vegetable oils. They offer superb anti-static capabilities to a very wide range of extruded and injection-moulded products and the worries about food safety that come with the use of conventional anti-static additives made from ethoxylated amines and amides.


Polyethylene (PE)

  • Polyethylene films
  • Polyethylene (PE) injection moulding
  • Polyethylene foams

Polyproylene (PP)

  • Polypropylene films
  • Polypropylene injection moulding
  • Impact co polymer polypropylene (PP)
  • Polypropylene foams


Static charge on polymer surfaces can be both troublesome and hazardous. Dust and other fine particles will be drawn to the packaging surface resulting in an unattractive appearance as well as a deterioration of subsequent processing and sealing.

During production, the charge build-up can inhibit denesting and handling and result in electrostatic discharges to machinery or personnel with detrimental consequences. The key to solving these problems is the use of efficient anti-static additives which can dissipate charge from the polymer surface, thereby preventing static charge build-up.

Anti-fog Additives

Einar® anti-fog additives for PE, PP and PVC films are efficient alternatives to sorbitan and non-vegetable polyglycerol esters.

Einar® anti-fog additives are food-grade and based on vegetable oils, eliminating all worries about food safety while being tested to deliver superior anti-fog performance compared to conventional solutions.


  • Polyethylene films
  • Polypropylene films
  • PVC cling films

Fogging often appears when freshly packaged food is placed in refrigerated storage. To overcome this problem anti-fogs are used to control water condensation in the packaging.

An anti-fog will lower the surface tension of the film surface causing the water droplets to spread into a thin film instead of discrete droplets which not only guarantees high transparency but also assures that water is not collecting in the bottom of the packaging which otherwise could deteriorate the product and shorten shelf-life.

Anti-fog additives are also used in agricultural and greenhouse film, where they prevent water droplet formation which ensures better light transmission resulting in higher crop yield.

Pigment dispersing aids

Einar® 103 is an innovative plant-based and food-grade dispersing aid that ensures optimum distribution of pigments, fillers and other additives, delivering outstanding performance when compared to industry standards.

Growing consumer concern over the safety and sustainability of the plastics they use on a daily basis has required the polymer industry to look for more sustainable alternatives to the petrochemical-based additives they use today.

Now, with the arrival of Einar® 103 colour masterbatch producers will be able to use a dispersion agent that is not only sustainable due to its plant-based origin but also one that has been proven to be more efficient than waxes currently on the market.

Einar® 103 is an advanced fully plant-based polyglycerol which is highly efficient as a dispersing aid in colour masterbatches where it wets, stabilizes and disperses the pigments in the polymer matrix.

It can fully replace current dispersing aids or boost the performance in combination with the chosen dispersion aid when added to existing formulations. It is added to the colour masterbatch in concentrations ranging from 1 – 5% of the total formulation.


  • Highly effective plant-based replacement of petrol-based waxes
  • Speciality polyglycerol ester based on fatty acids of vegetable origin
  • Custom designed for colour masterbatches
  • Suitable for a variety of polymers, including PE, PP, PVC, PET and, PA
  • Worldwide regulatory approval for food-contact applications
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories


  • Superior pigment dispersion
  • Strong cost-in-use
  • More reliable and stable production that will keep downtime at a minimum
  • Less pigment needed to obtain true colours
  • Mould-release additives

Ageing modifiers

Einar® 201 is an efficient ageing modifier and the perfect choice for manufacturers looking for a safe and sustainable alternative for their foam production.

The production of polyolefin foams is a delicate and complex process which requires fine-tuning and attention to detail. The high consistent quality of Einar® 201 guarantees reliable and dependable performance when PE and PP foam is conditioned after manufacturing for the release of the excessive blowing agent.

Even though additives such as ageing modifiers make up a small part of the formulation, legislation and customer demands are pushing for safer and more sustainable solutions all the way around a plastic product. Einar® 201 is food-grade and plant-based all while being highly efficient in applications like polyethylene and polypropylene foams. 

Einar® 201 is a plant-based, food-grade ageing modifier additive well suited for use in polyolefin foams. This high-quality GMS is a key part of any polyolefin foam, where consistency and performance are top priorities. 

A typical loading level of Einar® 201 when foams are produced with physical blowing agents is 0.4 – 1.5%. Loading levels in combination with chemical blowing agents are typically 0.2 – 0.5%.


  • Highly effective replacements for conventional ageing modifiers
  • A distilled monoglyceride made from fatty acids and glycerol, based on a blend of sustainably sourced palm and rapeseed oil
  • 100% vegetable-based
  • Internal ageing modifier
  • Available in powder and pellet form
  • Worldwide regulatory approval for food contact


  • Ensures high foam quality
  • No stress cracking of electronic components
  • Efficient release of excessive blowing agents, preventing foam collapse
  • High heat stability and low volatility
  • Can be used for all PE and PP grades by adjusting the dosage level

EPS Coating Additives

Einar® Coating additives for expandable polystyrene (EPS) offer efficient, safe and sustainable solutions for manufacturers looking for alternatives to their conventional additives.


  • Highly effective plant-based anti-static additives and cooling time enhancers for the EPS process
  • High-quality fine-powdered glyceride esters of fatty acid esters from vegetable oils
  • Custom-designed for EPS applications
  • Worldwide regulatory approval for food-contact applications
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories


  • Excellent anti-static protection via coating
  • Ready-to-use coating blends
  • Fine powders with high coating efficiency
  • Can be used for various EPS bead sizes by adjusting the concentration
  • Suitable for both EPS and XPS beads

Anti-fouling additives

Einar® 981 has been developed to remove severe concerns about the ethoxylated amine chemistry currently used and is an unquestionably safe and efficient alternative that has worldwide regulatory approval.

With its origin in food-grade renewable raw materials, it is the ideal candidate to maintain the highest possible efficiency and eliminate any regulatory concerns.

As a plant-based, food-grade anti-fouling additive, Einar® 981 is the perfect choice for PP and PE manufacturers looking for a drop-in cost-effective replacement for ethoxylated amines. This makes it a safe and sustainable choice and perfect for sensitive solutions such as medical devices and baby food containers.


  • Highly effective, drop-in replacement for ethoxylated amines
  • Worldwide regulatory approval for food-contact applications
  • Polyglycerol ester (PGE) blend of fatty acids derived from RSPO-certified palm oil
  • Supplied as a clear, pumpable liquid in drums
  • Produced in CO2-neutral factories


  • Eliminates regulatory concerns without compromising catalyst mileage, productivity or final polymer performance
  • Effectively eliminates static charges of particles during polymerisation and prevents fouling of the reactor wall and maintains the cooling efficiency of the reactor
  • High efficiency at low concentrations (100-300 ppm)
  • Ease of use in existing dosing systems
  • Ideal in PP and PE polymerisation processes for sensitive applications, e.g. medical
  • devices and baby food containers

Ready to transform your materials and products with MegaChem’s bio-based polymer additives? Join the bio-based revolution today!



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Fillers and Extenders

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Xylene-Formaldehyde Polymer Straight & Modified
Rheology Modifiers

Rheology Modifiers

Associative Thickeners ASA, HASE & HEUR
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Cellulose Ethers HEC, MHEC, HPMC, MC & CMC
Fumed Silica Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic
Rosin Ester  


Benzyl Alcohol BA
Cyclohexylamines CHA & DCHA
Dibasic Esters DBE
Propylene Carbonate Battery & Industial


PE wax LPDE, HPDE & Oxidized
PP wax Low-Polymer, Mixed, Homo-Polymer & Co-Polymer
Montan Wax

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Supreeth Kankanady

Supreeth Kankanady

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Supreeth Kankanady

UK Sales Manager (PCP: Paint and Ink)

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Performance Coatings & Polymers

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